Solar Lead Generation A National Campaign

Based on the US Energy Information Administration, the electricity rates in our country have risen to nearly one point in every kilowatt hour of consumption. That’s in all sectors of the American society in all 50 states. Because of this, it is imperative for households to tap into renewable sources of energy in order to cut costs in their energy consumption.

At this day and age of rising energy costs, solar energy companies must seize the opportunity of expanding their businesses through increased sales by making those households count! In order to get a boost in their sales, it is advisable for solar energy companies to team up with reputable solar lead companies.

Solar lead generation is essential for solar energy companies to cope up with the growing competition in the solar energy market around the country. Thanks to telephone lines as well as social networking, solar energy companies could be connected to a variety of customers.

Because of the massive number of possible solar leads, solar lead generation companies must tend to the criteria set by their partner, the solar energy enterprise.

Based on research, obtaining solar leads is just a portion of the entire business framework. The key towards a successful business is by sealing several deals with the solar leads obtained by a solar energy company from a reputable solar lead generation company.

If a solar energy company does not know how to utilize the solar leads they bought, this would only result to a higher cost of business operations as well as a sharper edge for the company’s competitors. We at TheLeadTree offer several services to our clients in order to get the solar leads that match their criteria. Apart from that, we help them maximize the use of the solar leads they acquired from us through helpful articles such as this.

Also backed by research, solar leads that are immediately contacted minutes after being received from a reputable solar lead generation company have a high percentage rate of sales conversion compared to solar leads that were called a lot later. Even a gap of 30-minutes could greatly reduce the sales conversion rate of a solar lead.

However, solar energy companies do not need to fret because TheLeadTree has the capacity to transfer the call live or set a guaranteed call back appointment on behalf of your company within 24-hours the solar lead was generated. Apart from that, our clients would have access to, which is our customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps us manage your transactions with former and future solar leads.

Depending on which state you are in, the number of times a solar lead is called might either increase or decrease the conversion rate to sales. For instance, solar leads from California become more interested with the product when they are called more frequently by the solar company. Meanwhile, solar leads from New Jersey might have you blocked from their directory if you called them more than twice.

TheLeadTree offers fresh daily leads directly from our call center floor and are guaranteed to meet the solar energy company’s criteria. With this, solar companies who bought our leads wouldn’t be clueless with what to expect on the other line.

Lastly, solar energy companies need to be swift in closing a potential sale. This would show their enthusiasm towards the products they are selling. Customers would be delighted to hear more of the company’s products and services if the solar company delivered their sales pitch in a fast paced energetic manner.

Since TheLeadTree is a BBB accredited company with an A+ score, working with the largest solar companies in the US, we know how to pump energy in the conversation. Not only do we pre-qualify solar leads for our customers through a set of pre-qualifying questions, we also generate solar leads in the most energetic way possible.

This is done through our team of solar lead generation experts who have been working with both big and small solar energy partners in the past decade

So if you’re interested with the products and services we have to offer, call us now at our hotline +1-910-795-2888 for more details. Also, get a free sample set of our quality solar leads for just calling our hotline.

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